Top Questions (watch video):

How does insurance and liability work in the case of an accident?
  • PiggyBack Network assumes liability for the parent driving the children.
  • We assume liability for the child passengers.
  • We have corporate business insurance.
  • Please feel free to (click here) for sample policy.

How are you ensuring safety & reliability for families?
  • Families who join as members are from your school, sport or activity. Because you are sharing rides for the kids, you can be sure that the other family plans to get their own kid there on time and safely, just like you will when it’s your turn to drive.
  • Driving members will pass an extensive background check including motor vehicle record, national and local criminal check, and a check in the sexual misconduct registry.
  • Families are empowered to approve or decline matches with parents for whatever reason they choose.

How is my information used?
  • We use location data to find your nearest match, but you are in control of sharing your address once you’ve met and approved your match.
  • We do not share any private information with other members, except when you’ve approved exchange of contact information.
  • We do not capture any of your real-time route information.
  • We do not ask for your child’s name or any information about your child.

How is PiggyBack different from a normal carpool?
  • Piggyback is what carpooling should be: a safer and more flexible social transportation option for families, where the drivers are your fellow reliable parents.
  • More than a simple scheduling app, we use artificial intelligence to coordinate driving routes, and parents can use the system as little or much as they like.
  • We have corporate business insurance.
  • Piggyback creates family support networks and new friendships using a gamified points-based system for members who seek to get a ride, give a ride, or both.

Important Questions:

I’m new to PiggyBack Network and carpooling, where do I start?
  • The first step is to sign up for free. To get matched with a family we need a few pieces of information. Locations where you frequently travel (school, home, gym, fields, etc.). Using these locations we build routes. Once you’ve established a route you can offer to drive and request a ride. The matching process uses your routes to find others nearby going your same direction, same time.
  • Once you have a match, you are encouraged to meet that person and decide if you’re comfortable sharing rides. Once you find someone you trust and connect with, PiggyBack enables you to easily schedule shared rides and begin earning rewards.

Who is PiggyBack Network for?

Where do I look to confirm that PiggyBack Network services my area?
  • PiggyBack Network is available wherever people are driving their kids around already. We rely on parents to build the network, so if you’d like us to support your school, facility, or sports league please feel free to send us an email concierge@piggybacknetwork.com.

Is there a membership fee?
  • No membership fee.
  • Members who request a ride pay for points. Those points are used to reward the family sharing the ride. Points can be used to make new requests or can be used to exchange for gift cards.
  • Check your estimated price using our calculator -https://www.piggybacknetwork.com/pricing-calculator

How does PiggyBack Network incentivize families who choose to drive?
  • Points earned when a family drives can be used to request a ride.
  • Points earned when a family drives can be used to exchange for gift cards.
  • PiggyBack is working to offer tuition assistance to the students of our most active parents sharing rides.

Where do I sign up to share my routes?

Can anyone ride with me?
  • When you are driving another child, you are the only adult who shall be in the car.
    • However, because you will be in direct contact with the family you’re sharing a ride with, if all families agree then those are the rules to abide by.
  • We assume liability for the child passengers.

What happens when our school schedule or sports season changes?
  • When the long term schedule changes, you should update your locations and routes, offers and requests. With this change, you will be matched again with people who overlap with your new schedule.
  • If the schedule changes on the day of - communication will be direct between families.

Are there age restrictions on who can drive and who can ride?
  • Driver Restrictions: 25 year old minimum age.
  • Riders are any age that the families agree on. We do not want to limit the child’s age because every family scenario is different.

What happens if we are matched with someone who isn’t a good fit?
  • PiggyBack Network members choose who they want to share rides with.
  • If you are matched with someone who you feel isn’t a good fit, that’s just fine. You can continue to match and meet others until you are comfortable.

Is there a way to track where my child is while in the car?
  • Version 1 website does not have tracking capabilities. However, if you’d like to send your child with a mobile device that is just fine.
  • Also, you will have the contact information of the family you are sharing the ride with.

Am I allowed to introduce our matched family to our school and gymnastics facilities?
  • Yes.