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Here's What Parents are Saying

Designed by Parents for Parents


We were constantly driving to different sporting events... all within 5 miles or so. The challenge having two kids going to two different places was it's all interupt driven. Two parents, divide and conquer... stop what you're doing and drive your kid somewhere.

Joe R.

Father of 2
from Paletine, IL

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I am switching careers and I will be making appointments in the evenings that aren't scheduled at a consistent time every day or every week. Transportation for my children is a major stresser for me.

Megan F.

Mother of 3
from Chicago's
Bronzeville Neighborhood


The split between the kids is tricky. Being responsible for picking up one child at one place and stopping what I'm doing while I have a remote learner. That's been tricky to manage. Being torn with responsibilities and sometimes on a neighbor to make it work.

Smita G.
Stay At Home Parent

Mother of 2
from Chicago's
Lincoln Park Neighborhood

Statements from real parents